How Much Will Local PPC Management Cost?

If you’ve spent any time looking at PPC ad management pricing, you’ll find it’s all over the map. Generally, the more complicated a client’s needs are, the pricier the solution. But at PPC Pronto, we’ve narrowed our focus to local businesses looking for lead generation. We don’t do ecommerce accounts, or national accounts, or global accounts. So we can keep our management pricing down to affordable levels and still bring you great results. And we don’t lock you into a contract for a specific amount of time; we keep going as long as you are happy.

chart of business profits growing

We Provide:

  • Keyword research – We look at your local market to find the best keywords to target (and what negative keywords to use), as well as the current click costs.

  • Ad creation – We craft ad titles, descriptions, and extensions that will grab the attention of your potential customers.

  • Conversion tracking – By setting up tags on your website, we can measure campaign effectiveness and monitor visitor behavior.

  • Performance reporting – Each month you’ll receive detailed reports with easy-to-understand campaign metrics.

  • Landing page creation/optimization – We create (or optimize existing) landing pages on your business website to convert visitors into leads.

  • Campaign optimization – We continually make adjustments to the campaign by paying close attention to search queries, keyword metrics, and more in order to maximize your results.

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