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Affordable PPC Management for Local Businesses

Bringing in a steady stream of new clients can be challenging. At PPC Pronto, we help local businesses grow by generating leads through Google Ads. Our years of experience mean you can trust us to create and optimize online ad campaigns for fast results. With proper targeting and bid strategies, your ad dollars go to bringing in the kind of new customers that will grow your business.

Google Ads Certified

Our PPC account managers are Google Ads certified to ensure they are qualified to create and manage ad campaigns effectively. And they keep up with the ever-changing Google Ads features.

Local Focused

We don’t claim to be a one-size-fits-all agency. Our focus is lead generation for local businesses. If your business is national or global, or focused on ecommerce, we’re not right for you.

Skilled by Experience

You benefit from our extensive experience with running ad campaigns for local businesses across the country. We know what it takes to get your phone to ring. And fast.

What You Get When You Partner With PPC Pronto

  • Keyword research – We look at your local market to find the best keywords to target (and what negative keywords to use), as well as the current click costs.

  • Ad creation – We craft ad titles, descriptions, and extensions that will grab the attention of your potential customers.

  • Conversion tracking – By setting up tags on your website, we can measure campaign effectiveness and monitor visitor behavior.

  • Performance reporting – Each month you’ll receive detailed reports with easy-to-understand campaign metrics.

  • Landing page creation/optimization – We create (or optimize existing) landing pages on your website to convert visitors into leads.

  • Campaign optimization – We continually make adjustments to the campaign by paying close attention to search queries, keyword metrics, and more in order to maximize your results.

And best of all, you own the ad account. All the ads we create, our targeting, keywords, and optimizations stay in the ad account you own, so if the time comes that you decide to manage ads on your own or work with a different agency, you retain ownership of all the ad assets.

  • Area Exclusivity – We only work with one business specialty in each area, so we won’t be managing your competition’s ads.

Local Specialists

No matter what type of local business you have, PPC Pronto works to bring in the type of customers you specify – the ones that will make your business profitable.

You know your business and the characteristics of your desired clients. We target those people when they’re most receptive to your ad – at the precise moment they search for a local business like yours. Our engaging ads encourage phone calls, and once they make the call, your skilled staff takes over and brings them into your shop where they’ll get the service they’re seeking – a win for both you and your customers!

Already Running Ads?

If you are already running ads, we’re happy to give you a no-obligation audit of your current campaigns. We’ll measure your campaign against our 16-point checklist and let you know if any of your campaigns could use adjustments to boost performance.

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Since reopening, I have gotten busier than ever before.  I am working through lunch every day.  …  I definitely need to reduce [the ad spend] for now.  If we start slacking, I will move it back up.  It’s a good problem to have though.  Thanks!

Dr. Dave O., Lynchburg VA

I wanted to check in and let you know we have definitely got a great ROI with this campaign.  With that said, I would like … my Monday – Thursday increased to [$XX] and take the campaign OFF on the weekends.

Dr. James T., San Diego CA

OMG just reviewing our google AdWords report….. Did you notice to boost in clicks? YEEES! I’m super stoked about this.  Plus our NP Google referral increased by 30%.  Let’s keep up the momentum!

Hillary B., Sacramento CA